Complete List Of Websites To Find Podcast Guests

Podcasting has emerged as a great way to interact with people. It provides a platform to talk about an interest shared by a large audience. This allows people to come together. 

A podcast usually focuses on a target audience, and every strategy put into action for the podcast’s success revolves around that group of people. This is precisely why gaining the trust of your audience and creating an engaging environment is the key to a great podcast.

Podcast guests have become the talk of the town; whether it is about news or sports or your favorite crime series, Podcasts have us all hinged. According to data, around 100 million people were podcast listeners in the year 2020 every month. These figures are estimated to hit about 125 million in 2022. 

Have you recently started a podcast? If yes, then looking for a guest can be challenging at times. To make every episode interesting, you need a new voice because your subscribers will only be hooked if there is variation.

On the other hand, if you invite an influential guest with the best podcast stories, then your podcast could be a massive hit. 

To make the hunt for podcast guests easier for you, we have gathered a list of websites to help you find podcast guests. 


The oldest yet ever-famous social media platform. Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has had over 2.895 billion active users every month. This proves its wide reach. Using Facebook to gain podcast guests can be a great start. 

  • Start with posting about your podcast on your timeline. You can even upload your podcast trailer to gain attention.
  • Add friends that can help spread your name.
  • Mention how you need a podcast guest and even tag them so it is convenient for them to recognize you and reach out. 
  • Join Podcast groups aimed at connecting podcast guests and establishing a friendly atmosphere so they are comfortable enough to join your podcast. 


In recent years, Instagram has come out as the most downloaded social app. It has surpassed Facebook in its popularity and usage. This can interest you to attract guests for your podcast.

  • Use hashtags – The more hashtags you use, the bigger is the possibility your post might appear in other users’ explore feed. This is an effective method to spread your message. 
  • Visit profiles of people that interest you and could serve as a great guest for your podcast. Contact these individuals directly so there is a faster response, and no third party is involved. 
  • Upload stories of your podcast clips and ask for your next guest.


This forum is another place to search for new guests. Here is how you can use Twitter to achieve this goal.

  • Mention your podcast in your profile, so your purpose is established.
  • Tweet about your podcast every chance you get.
  • Host twitter trends to find a potential guest for your episodes.
  • Create podcast animation snippets and tag the person you would like to invite as a guest on your show.
  • Keep yourself up to date with the famous influencer your audience would like. Contact them directly and strike conversations now and then to get themselves familiar with your work.


This is not just famous for its pin but is a very famous interacting network. From gardening to fashion to cooking, you can find some great diversity on this website. This can help broaden your options and find any guest your target audience would love. 

Create boards to have podcast highlights your podcast. In these boards, add pins that your guest specifically will find interesting. You can also mention your previous guests, so new ones are confident enough to join you and appear on your podcast show.


Did you know there are websites to help you book guests?

If you are running out of time and you need a new guest as soon as possible, then booking one can be a great option. Websites like PODMATCH are working endlessly to book your desired guest.

They are a qualified team of experts that only book you someone your audience will be thrilled to hear but also help them get on board with your show. 

The only bottom line is that it comes with a bill. Most websites require payment in advance to find a suitable guest.


Attend events, strike conversations with people at any opportunity you get, you never know when you can come across an interesting personality that can be the star of your podcast. Create links with influential groups and get your word around.


It might sound like an old-fashioned option, but it is an option nevertheless. Put up an ad on any famous newspaper website and get in touch with the editor if you find your desired guest. You can also view the list of already mentioned individuals ready to appear in a podcast show.


Bloggers are always a favorite. Find a blog that suits your podcast audience and get in touch with the blogger. Then, carefully look into blogging websites and look for the ones related to your niche.


YouTube provides a wide range of experts in almost every field. Keeping in mind your targeted audience, search for YouTubers that can entertain your audience. It doesn’t matter how famous they are or how many subscribers they have.

If they are good at their job and can guarantee to make your podcast fun, then consider them an option. Through YouTube, you can highlight video creators you would want to get in touch with and request them to be on your podcast episode.


It is a great website to help facilitate your guest hunt. You can find great guests for your podcast and even advertise yourself as a guest in other podcasts. Another plus point is that it is free of cost.


If you want to host epic podcast episodes and bring genuine content to your show, then inviting an influential guest to bring that spark is essential. Explore these websites and get your podcast guests noticed.