What To Include In My Podcast Media Kit?

A podcast media kit is like an introduction to your podcast. It acts as a podcast highlight that provides an insight to the listeners about what your podcast represents. Choosing the right podcast media kit is essential; why? Because it sets the platform for your audience. A good impression equals more subscribers.

A podcast media kit condenses the entire podcast into one place. This is convenient for the listeners as well as your ad sponsors.

You may call the media kit your business card or a summary of your podcast. In addition, how you have assembled your media kit will play a key role in differentiating your podcast from the competitors within the same industry or niche. To make a good media kit, editing a podcast professionally is essential. For this, use the best podcast editing software that can produce a compact but informative version of your podcast.

A good media kit will help you sign massive collaboration as well as sponsorship contracts. This will prove highly beneficial for your podcast success.

But what should your media kit consist of?

Let us go through some essentials to building a banging media kit.


What is your podcast about, and what does it represent? Is it about a show or traveling? Or does it deal with animals or understanding different cultures and societies? Whatever your podcasts highlight, they should be represented in this precise description.

Besides giving an intro to your podcast, it would be a wise tip to mention some warnings at the start, such as which age group your podcast is suitable for and who it can trigger. This will prove beneficial for many listeners. This is also a great way to determine the vulnerability of your podcast and how to avoid possible risks in the future.


Give your listeners or clients a description and who they will be contacting, and mention the host’s bio in your media kit. You can include the host experience being a part of this podcast. What previous business have they been a part of and so on?


How did your podcast come into existence? Is it recorded in a studio or just your home? Does your podcast have a specific theme that it follows? What time and date does your podcast run by each day. These questions are all worth pondering on and including in your media kit.


What has driven you to start this podcast, and how will it influence your audience?

Maybe you were inspired by a famous podcaster, or perhaps you just wanted to have some fun and earn a little extra money.

However, what your podcast represents is how it will influence your listeners. For example, if your podcast is educational, it might help your audience learn new things and be intellectual. If it is about traveling, it can spark a sudden urge to visit different places around the world.


Turn podcast into video. Videos are always fun to watch, and your sponsors are more likely to just watch a promo clip rather than reading everything about your podcast. So, make sure to create a succinct video that summarizes your entire podcast. Refer up to date video podcast maker for this purpose.


This portion will include all the facts and figures of your podcast. For example, mention the number of subscribers you have; you can also make a comparison of your present listeners and the initial ones. In addition to this, also add the downloads you get per episode.

Your stats should also include your outreach on different social media platforms, including the number of people visiting your podcast in the last month.

If you have just started this business, do not worry about not having big numbers to support your podcast. Instead, be confident about your current stats and stay optimistic for a pleasant response from your sponsors.


To make your podcast attractive, mention how people have rated it recently. When you have good reviews, then sponsors will immediately reach out to offer you deals. Hence, upgrade your episodes smartly and engage with your listeners now and then. This will bring you good ratings, which you can then include in your media kit.


Make a list of all the influential people that were guests on your shows. Be it celebrities or famous entrepreneurs, or athletes, they will pull both sponsors as well as new subscribers to join your podcast. People are also intrigued to know about famous people and the lives they lead. Them being a part of your episodes will add some glamor and uniqueness to your podcast.


Add the links to your podcast so people can easily approach your podcast. The link should be in a common format so that the audience can open it without any complications. You can also mention these sites on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.


Like your actual podcast, your media kit will also require a creative cover. It should be similar to your podcast cover design to maintain a standard. Go through different styles and layouts and choose the one that speaks to your podcast the most. This cover should represent what your podcast is all about. So, keep it sleek and captivating to the viewers.


Upgrade your podcast after every few months because as time goes on, your podcast will change. For this purpose, edit your podcast as you progress and update it to keep your listeners in touch with the changes you make.


Now that you have created your media kit share it as much as you can. The more people view your media kit, the greater is the possibility they will be intrigued by your podcast. A good business always has an attractive business card. So, make your media kit creative and share it every opportunity you get, so strike deals with well-known sponsors and interest new listeners to join you.