Where To Get Free Music For My Podcast?

Starting a podcast can be a difficult task. It demands a lot of effort and patience. You have to invest multiple hours throughout the day to work on your podcast and make it noticeable among the listeners. 

Since podcasting is on the rise, creating a unique podcast is the real deal. So, what makes your podcast stand out? Among other aspects, music is essential. Music is the first thing people notice since it is the most striking. You might have noticed why radio stations are recognizable, they have specific music that people identify immediately. This is why good & free podcast music is a requirement for your podcast.

Music serves various purposes. It can add the sparkle needed to highlight your podcast. Besides being used in the podcast itself, it also is utilized in podcast promos, podcast videos as well as promotional videos. Some content creators add music in the beginning, whereas others adjust their tracks either in the middle or in the outro. 

Music can add the sparkle needed to highlight your podcast.

To help ease this process for you, we have listed below a few websites where you can get free music for your podcast.


Not every song you like can be added to your podcast. There are certain rules you have to be aware of. Copyright will restrict you to using limited music, if your music gets copyrighted, then your podcast will be banned, and you will have to start all over again. Certain software can detect copyrighted music even if you have used snippets of the original music. This can get you in trouble.

To avoid this, stay very vigilant and remember to use royalty-free music from trusted sources only.


This type of music falls into three categories.

  1. Public Domain Music

If the musician or copyright holder dies, then several years after their death, the music comes into the public domain. It loses copyright authority and can be used by anyone freely. Mostly, 70 years is a limit. This means that you can use music from the early 90s since they are part of the public domain now.

  • Royalty-free Music

To use this music, you need to get a license first. After that, you are free to use the track in any podcast video or audio you wish. However, to be on the safe side, make sure you read the terms and conditions to avoid complications.

  • Creative Common Room

Some producers will allow you to use their music as long as you mention them in the credits or the podcast’s description. You will be required to get a creative commons license for this. 

Most of the free music can be found in this category. To use this music, giving the producers credit for their work is a must. A small condition for a free background track.


Free podcast music comes with no copyright issues. It is free of any limitations and can be used by the host however way they like. This is why many content creators look for free music for their podcasts to avoid the hassle. 


It is free of cost music source. It comes with a complete royalty-free music range that you can choose your track from. In addition, it has a browsing system that lets you pick music according to a specific genre and your mood. Besides music, it also offers sound effects that can be a perfect addition to your podcast.

This website will not require you to have a license. All their music is released under their license.


This website is very famous among podcasters. It has a single artist under the name KEVIN MACLEOD. All his music is free and accessible to the public. You can choose from a variety of genres and make it a part of your podcast. 

The only bottom line is that you have to give credit to the producer to use their music. 


This is another great website that offers completely free music. All you have to do is give them credit, and you are free to use their music. It comes with a vast variety to choose music according to your podcast. Focus on your target audience and pick music that they would enjoy.


You might not be aware of this, but YouTube offers an extensive list of music and that too for free! The music is easily downloadable and can be used directly during your podcast video editing or the podcast itself.

You only need to create a YouTube account to access this incredible feature.


Like all the mentioned websites, Audionautix also offers free music with no copyright problems. It has all its music produced by the same artist known as Jason Saw. However, it is not as extensive as the other sites. This can limit your music options.


This website provides public domain music; thus, it is free to use. In addition, it comes with a good music variety that can make your music hunt easy.


This platform also provides its services to the content creator by giving out free music. You will be required to pay credits to the producer, however.

Besides these websites, many podcast editing software services also offer free music.


Free music is always a bonus for any podcast. However, setting up a podcast and getting started itself can cost you a lot. In addition to this, paying subscription fees for your intro or outro music can become a burden, especially if you are starting from scratch and have a limited budget to follow.

Hence, explore the websites we gathered for you and get your desirable music from the source that suits you the most. This will save you a lot of money and make your podcast fun to listen to.